If this blog were to have a soundtrack then it would be this¬† – the song I turn to while tapping away at the keyboard those days and nights when I need some energy and inspiration to keep going. For me, personally, it has become an anthem for change and acceptance – it’s a song that doesn’t let me sit here in my own home and ignore the discrimination happening outside.

“This song is a humble submission to help bring this conversation to the surface, so that we can reflect on the language we use, and how powerful it can be. Rethinking, and understanding the gravity of how we communicate with each other. Change happens when dialogue happens. When we confront our prejudice and are honest with ourselves, there is room for growth, and there is room for justice” – Macklemore

The brave thing about this song is that it confronts prejudice and hate. If you are reading this blog, then it is unlikely that you are a hater. You may not be aware, however,¬† of what lies between hate and acceptance – you may never have experienced that vast grey area of micro discrimination, micro aggressions, ignorance, unwitting lack of sensitivity – all things that I myself have been guilty of, and probably still am. There will always be someone in a situation that we don’t know and we may be unaware of how our actions or inactions affect them.

Members of the LGTBIQ community face constant reminders that a vast portion of society considers us different, not-normal. This blog aims to change that attitude within the community I work in – the birth and breastfeeding community – by talking about the kind of discrimination we suffer (both as parents and providers) discrimination that we are all responsible for and that we can all help to change through our words and actions.

Listen to the song, listen to the lyrics – seven minutes of your time – and leave a comment below to let me know how it makes you feel. I love to know who my readers are.

When I hear this song I feel a giant embrace, which is why I chose to share it here with you all.

Thank you Macklemore, Ryan Lewis and Mary Lambert.