About me

This website is dedicated to providing an insight into the inequities in birth and breastfeeding support, in particular with regards to the LGTBQ community (of which I am a member), but will also touch on the inequities affecting other communities of which I am less informed, but equally concerned.

I am not an academic or a political acitivist; I am a single mother, breastfeeding peer counsellor, writer, and university student (aspiring to be a professional lactation consultant, IBCLC). This blog is intended to be a personal and humanistic view on inclusion through the real life stories that I encounter – either in person, in literature, or online. My emphasis will be on language – both words and images – how our language affects the lives of others and how we can use that language to embrace those who are not currently included in mainstream birth and breastfeeding support networks.

I welcome you all whether parents, healthcare providers, journalists and writers, and look forward to reading your suggestions and comments.


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